Vision, Mission, Priorities, Initiatives


The Washington Research Library Consortium will be a catalyst creating synergies among the partner universities to enable the success of learning and scholarship.


The Washington Research Library Consortium is a collaborative partnership providing proactive and responsive, innovative, cost-effective access to shared information resources, services and expertise.

Strategic Priorities

  • Creating coordinated collections
  • Creating a robust infrastructure for discovery and access
  • Ensuring the long-term preservation of physical and digital information resources
  • Sharing expertise

WRLC Initiatives for FY 2022

  1. Creating Coordinated Collections

    1. Analyze the monographic collections of the WRLC libraries using Gold Rush, assign retention commitments for monographs published from 2005 to present and consider options for reducing current retention commitments for monographs published before 2005, being mindful of DEI and whose voices are retained.
    2. Enhance the WRLC shared print journal program by reconsidering the current agreement to bind print periodicals, standardizing journal holdings statements, making retention commitments for print journal titles that are held by only one WRLC library and recording those commitments in Alma, PAPR and OCLC. 
    3. Review and revise, as appropriate, the WRLC Shared Collection Vision and Mission statements to ensure they address equity, diversity and inclusion. Based on these statements, recommend methods to collaboratively collect materials by and about historically excluded and underrepresented populations.  
    4. Finalize and implement policies and procedures for deaccessioning materials from the Shared Collections Facility for discard or repatriation.
  2. Creating Robust Discovery & Access

    1. Identify, explore and implement shared objectives and workflows in the Alma Network Zone including import and management of records, FRBR/De-dup functionality, user management, authority control and other insights gleaned from the Ex Libris Optimization reports 
    2. Explore and recommend options for improved access to materials that are not owned by the WRLC libraries including whole eBook lending; resource-sharing alternatives to OCLC such as RapidILL, Rapido, ReShare; and peer-to-peer resource sharing in Alma.
    3. Investigate the impact of the Central Discovery Index and develop policies and procedures that enhance coordination among the WRLC libraries. 
    4. Based on the current efforts of the Metadata Committee's Reparative Cataloging Subgroup, the Metadata Committee will codify and share policies and procedures that identify and remediate racist and otherwise harmful language in our metadata descriptions.
  3. Preserving Physical and Digital Resources

    1. Identify and recommend the scope, resources, policies and procedures for controlled digital lending of the print collections in the consortium.
  4. Sharing Expertise 

    1. Identify and/or create faculty grant opportunities to support adoption, adaptation and creation of no-cost or low-cost materials for courses offered by the WRLC partners. 
    2. Explore opportunities to collaboratively support scholarly communication and digital scholarship by sharing expertise, data, programming and infrastructure.
    3. Provide up to three presentations or workshops that focus on how libraries are addressing issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

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