Vision, Mission, Priorities, Initiatives


The Washington Research Library Consortium will be a catalyst creating synergies among the partner universities to enable the success of learning and scholarship.


The Washington Research Library Consortium is a collaborative partnership providing proactive and responsive, innovative, cost-effective access to shared information resources, services and expertise.

Strategic Priorities

  • Creating coordinated collections
  • Creating a robust infrastructure for discovery and access
  • Ensuring the long-term preservation of physical and digital information resources
  • Sharing expertise

WRLC Initiatives for FY 2023

Creating Coordinated Collections

  • Assign monograph retention commitments for materials published from 2005 to 2021 consistent with our MOU on Shared Collection Print Retention. 
  • Create a new process for Alma for reassignment of retention commitments for lost and damaged materials.
  • Assess our collections against our DEI mission and make recommendations for implementing these values in our collective collection development.

Creating Robust Discovery & Access

  • Conduct the pilot of peer-to-peer lending with SUNY.
  • Resolve Alma Fulfillment Network issues identified by RSAC. 
  • Standardize serial holdings records to improve access and to support collective print preservation efforts.  

Preserving Physical and Digital Resources

  1. [See the retention initiatives under Creating Coordinated Collections.]

Sharing Expertise 

  • Finish the toolkit for OER advocates.
  • Begin implementation of the Open@WRLC program.
  • Improve documentation and discoverability for WRLC projects and committee work that has been done in previous years
  • Assess our implementation of Alma/Primo to identify successes and continuing challenges and develop future priorities.      
  • Assess the end-user experience of Primo/Alma to identify weaknesses and develop recommendations to improve the user experience.  

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