5. Compensation and Pay Practices

501 Paydays

Employees are paid every two weeks.  The pay period starts on a Wednesday, ends two weeks later on a Tuesday, and is paid the following Friday. Approved leave reports should be forwarded to the Director of Finance & Administration as soon as reasonably possible. Employees are encouraged to use direct deposit.  See the Director of Finance and Administration for instructions on how to enroll.

502 Pay Deductions

It is the policy of the WRLC to comply with applicable laws with respect to the payment of wages and benefits to employees, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, as amended, applicable federal, state, and local income taxes, and Social Security taxes. The WRLC will not make pay deductions that violate either federal or state law.

Employees must approve personal deductions by submitting the authorized forms to the Director of Finance and Administration. If an employee believes that the WRLC has made an improper deduction, the employee should notify the Director of Finance and Administration.

503 Salary Increases

Each employee's salary shall be reviewed at least annually as part of the performance appraisal process. Merit pay raises are recommended based on the employee’s overall performance and the availability of funding. Funding for salary increases is determined by the WRLC Board of Directors each year and is distributed to individual WRLC staff at the discretion of the Executive Director. Salary increases will vary from person to person and from year to year.

Salary and performance reviews for all WRLC staff normally occur towards the end of each fiscal year, with any salary increase which may be awarded taking effect in the next fiscal year. Individuals who begin their employment at the WRLC after March 31 of any given year will not normally be considered for a salary increase until the second July after their date of hire. Staff beginning work at the WRLC between January 1 and March 31 of any given year may be given a pro-rated increase in the first July after their date of hire.

Under special circumstances staff may be considered for a salary increase at other times. Recommendation for a special salary increase must come from the employee's supervisor, and must be approved by the department director and the Executive Director.

504 Pay Advances

In the event of a personal emergency, employees may submit a written request for a pay advance to the appropriate Director indicating the nature of the emergency. The final decision is at the discretion of the Executive Director.

An advance will be made under the following conditions:

  • Will not exceed the employee’s next scheduled bi-weekly net pay
  • The full advanced amount will be deducted from the next scheduled bi-weekly pay
  • The employee must have 50% of the advance in equivalent dollar value of accrued vacation.

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